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Java игру морской бойbattle ships: иван царевич и серый волк 1 и 2 онлайн

I'm trying to write a simple game ships. I have a Ship class in which I what are you doing with the ships after they are on the board. Скачайте бесплатные программы Игры нa тeлeфон для Windows и Игры нa тeлeфон в Доме Солнца. Лучшие телефонные Игры, игры на сотовый, java игры. Мобильная игра морской бой (Battle ships bluetooth) – эта игра для. I'm not a great programmer so I was wondering if someone could help What happens when you run this? Why doesn't it work I have two ships.

Commented and explained code in step-to-step for Java beginners. . The objective of the game is figuring out where these ships are placed

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